Biz Tips E10 – RELAX

As important as it is to work on your business, it’s also just as important to take a break every once in a while. Working too hard for too long is a detriment to your health, as well as the health of he business. Take some time each year to clear your head and relax. You may find that a vacation may well be the most profitable decision in your business life. New ideas and new directions spring up when your mind and body are fresh. Enjoy.

Biz Tips #3 – Proper Goal Setting

Creating successful SMART goals and writing them down is the easiest way to achieve personal and business success, financial independence and have more free time to do what you desire. Here’s a brief summary on how to get started creating those goals.

Welcome to my Weekly Business Tips

In this first video, I help woodworkers (and, in fact, any entrepreneur) increase their business revenue through the practice of networking. How to network and where is an important part of gaining clients. A large client base is the most important part of a successful business.