RV Mods (Part 5) – Sewer or Swamp

RV Mods (Part 5) – Sewer or Swamp
Here’s part 5 of the 6 part series chronicling My trailer modifications from shell to present date. Please subscribe and stay tuned for Part 6 tomorrow which encompasses all the minor mods added to the original design of this Layton 2009 28′ Trailer.

My new Portable RV Deck

In June of 2016, I built a Deck for my RV that I could transport in my Van and assemble in about 15 to 20 minutes by myself. Little did I realize how much my wife (and I) would enjoy my anniversary present!

A little bit about Javi’s Woodshop

Welcome to my wood crafting page. As an entrepreneur for over 3 decades, I’ve have some successes as well as some… “learning experiences”…
Now, at age 50, I’ve decided to scale back my businesses and dedicate my time to my passion: Woodworking.
From Cabinets, to knick knacks, from jigs to signs, practically anything made from wood. Now matter what the project, join me in the build process and allow me to share some of my creativity with you. Similarly, feel free to share your ideas and I’ll have a go making a custom wood product from them.

Remember to visit the store for a number of one-of-a-kind items, completely customized for your appreciation.

Javier Unzueta – Javi’s Woodshop