Hoarding to Boarding E04 – The First Sort

Hoarding to Boarding – E04 – The First Sort
After emptying out most of the Workshop, I had to sort the contents to clear the back yard for the next batch of “STUFF”. Follow along as I turn my years of amassing “STUFF” to a clean efficient wood shop where I can enjoy my passion for woodworking without stress!

A Letter to a friend

This video is a memorial to my friend John (and his wife Mirtha) who passed away some years back. He was a friend, a mentor, a teacher, and a loving and giving man who always placed others in front of himself. May your memory and your spirit last forever.

Biz Tips #3 – Proper Goal Setting

Creating successful SMART goals and writing them down is the easiest way to achieve personal and business success, financial independence and have more free time to do what you desire. Here’s a brief summary on how to get started creating those goals.