Welcome to my Weekly Business Tips

In this first video, I help woodworkers (and, in fact, any entrepreneur) increase their business revenue through the practice of networking. How to network and where is an important part of gaining clients. A large client base is the most important part of a successful business.

RV Mods (Part 6) – A Compilation of RV Mods

The Final Chapter… For Now… of my RV Mods Video Series. I’ll post new mods and the AC and Kitchen changes as I create them later this year. Please help me by subscribing to my channel.

I would also like to single out a particular individual who I met in person this year at the Atlanta Woodworking Show:
Zach Manring – Southern Ginger Workshop and Founder of the Southern Woodworkers Group – Zach was the most gracious host at the show to myself and 100 other YouTube Content Creator Woodworkers. The booth was a pleasant hangout and made my 14 hour drive to and from Atlanta more than worth it. Many woodworkers who have been conversing online throughout the country got to meet for the first time in person in the more relaxing and inviting of venues. I’d like to personally thank Zach Manring for his hospitality and efforts in putting together such a wonderful event within the show. Please check out the TearDrop Trailer he made from scratch. Seeing it in person was a thrill for me and awe0inspiring to any maker/builder.


Javi’s Wood Shop – Shop Tour

Here’s my Shop Tour – The Prequel to my upcoming series starting next week, on this very channel, titled: “From Hoarding to Boarding!”

2V0-621While I have been woodworking for a number of years, it wasn’t until recently that retired and had the time available to enjoy my hobby. I have all the tools, I have all the know how and experience, and I even have the rooms… 1Z0-071 Unfortunately, the rooms are filled with a collection of, shall we we, STUFF which I’ve amassed over the years. It’s time to clean!


RV Mods (Part 5) – Sewer or Swamp

RV Mods (Part 5) – Sewer or Swamp
Here’s part 5 of the 6 part series chronicling My trailer modifications from shell to present date. Please subscribe and stay tuned for Part 6 tomorrow which encompasses all the minor mods added to the original design of this Layton 2009 28′ Trailer.